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Hand made cyanotype of crab apple trees in bloom

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Hand made cyanotype of crab apple trees in bloom on Arches Aquarelle Watercolor paper (300 gsm).

This image was created with a pinhole camera and Polaroid Instant film. The exposure time is approximately 30 seconds. The sway of the crab apple trees in a slight breeze during the exposure created the soft blur. Pinhole cameras have no glass lens. They are actually, just as their name implies, a pinhole in a box. They focus equally on everything like a painting, so anything that is blurry is in motion. In contrast, normal cameras with lenses convey depth and dimension through sharp and soft focus, and can freeze motion in sharp detail.

Polaroid Type 55 was used to generate a 4×5 inch instant negative.

Image size is 16×20. Sheet size is approx 18×23. Set in a white museum-quality unbuffered matt.

This print is part of a tryptic of Big Leaf Magnolias. See Big Leaf Magnolia 1 & 3 also.

Edition of 25

Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Discovery Museum
Stone Quarry Hill Art Park
The Arts Guild of Old Forge

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