Medium Laser Cut Zeppelin Wood Model Kit by Tinysaur


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Imagine the sound of tiny two-stroke engines propelling you gently across the Pacific towards a luxury vacation in Hawaii. Rise above your cubicle on the dangerously explosive loft of hydrogen and float away from your 9-5 ball and chain while building this sleek wood dirigible.

This miniature wood kit evokes the retro summer days when you had all the time in the world to make models that somehow always ended with that fateful crunching sound.

Build this mini model or collect it unassembled. Originally designed to fit in a cigarette box to be dispensed from a converted vending machine, the medium models have been scaled to twice the size of the original miniature models.

The illustrated carton is sliding matchbox style. Comes with laser cut wood sheet and instructions. Assembled model is 4.25 inches long when complete.

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