White Velociraptor Skeleton Mini 3D Puzzle by Tinysaur


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The white Velociraptor bare bones kit for making a Swift Robber! Each kit comes with the pre-cut Velociraptor bones and instructions. Tinysaur Kits assemble into tiny skeletons from a postage stamp sized laser cut pattern. Assembly generally takes 30-45 minutes andthe completed Velociraptor model is roughly two inches long.

Recommended for ages 13 and up.

We’ve also built 3D instructions for the Velociraptor skeleton model here. You can zoom in, pan, and rotate each step of the assembly to see the orientation and fit of specific bones.

Fits in the 59mm dome available here.

Made in Brooklyn.

Display base inside diameter: 2.09” (53mm)
Assembled dome inside height: 2.125” (54mm)
Finished skeleton size: 2.125″ x 1.023” x 0.787” (54mm x 26mm x 20mm)
47 laser-cut pieces
Made in the USA
Ages 13+

Skill Level Medium

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