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Ring-A-Day: Wonder Woman Knuckle Ring

Had a lot of fun making this one. I got rainbow sparkle acrylic from Inventables, and made cloisonnes (retaining walls) with black acetal (unbreakable plastic). Added some red acrylic for accent.

If you order from Inventables by midnight tonight (Small Business Saturday) with an American Express card, AmEx will pick up $25 of your tab.


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Ring-A-Day: Sea Urchin and Hermit Crab Ring

Found the hermit crab on the beach in St. George. They’ll use almost anything for a shell. It turns out that they follow a fashion cycle just like us. As they grow, they get bigger shells. How they choose depends on supply. A few years ago there was a shortage of shells. Good for the shells’ owners. Bad for the hermit crab population. This year a spiky spiral shell was in abundance, so that’s what they were all wearing on St. George Island. Mine, however, shopped on Madison Avenue for her fine urchin skirt.


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Ring-A-Day: Sponge and Shells Ring

sponge shells and resin ring

The sea biscuit (not the horse, the shell) had the same problem as the pink umbonium shells — it floats. I came back to my resin 8 hours later to find the sea biscuit trying to escape. The red stuff was some sponge that washed ashore. It was velvety red when I found it. Drying in the sun, it got a little dull. The resin brought back the wet color.