Tools for Assembling Tinysaurs

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  • One ounce of white glue for Tinysaurs

    white glue applicator with 1 oz glue for Tinysaurs

  • pointy tweezers for removing splinters and assembling Tinysaur tiny skeletons

    Pointy Steel Tweezers

  • Three plier tools for assembling Metal Earth kits

    Metal Earth Tool Set for steel dinosaur skeletons

  • Wallet sized magnifier card 3x magnification made of polycarbonate for assembling Tinysaurs

    Fresnel Magnifier Card with 3x magnification

  • Cross lock stainless steel tweezers are like a third hand for building Tinysaur models

    Cross Lock Stainless Tweezer

  • Steel Tweezers 3.5 inch for assembling Tinysaurs

    3 1/2 inch Steel tweezers

  • Tiny hand-painted people in a glass dome

    25 Tiny People hand-painted miniature figures


Showing all 7 results