Velociraptor Skeleton 3D Instructions

Assembled velociraptor skeleton.

Your completed Tinysaur velociraptor will look like this.

Assemble Spine and Hips.

Attach spine halves to central hip piece. Add 2 pelvis sides (Step A). Attach Pelvis bottom (Step B)

Attach Ischium.

Attach Ischium to bottom pelvis piece on the inner slots. Outer slots are for the legs in the last step.


Add ribs, vertibrae, and spinous processes.

Add ribs to the center spine, neck vertibrae to the neck, and spinous processes to the tail.

Build skull.

Assemble skull components and attach to neck.

Add Shoulders and Clavicles.

Attach forelimbs to shoulder piece. Add shoulder and forelimb assembly to spine. Attach clavicles to shoulder assembly.

Attach claws and RUN!

Add legs to hips. Then add claws, and adjust while glue is still wet so the model stands on its own.


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