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Ring-A-Day: LIKE ring

I LIKE the laser. It makes fun things almost as fast as you can think of them. This ring is perfect for NYC Reisistor’s Epilog laser. You can LIKE everybody nearby, especially on Craft Night!

I had a crowd around the laser and each person wanted one in their size: No problem. Adjust the file a bit, shout “Fire the lazzzor” in a semi-maniacal fashion, press the big red fire button, and voila — “Your ring sir” or “Your ring Ma’am.”

Smells like a campfire. I should smear a thin layer of chocolate and marshmallows onto the wood just for the aroma.


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Ring-A-Day: Stinkie Ring

“YOUR AD HERE” should be the name of this ring, but stinkie is funnier. The ring is made from acetal, which is really strong crystalline plastic.

I can put your words on a ring. Keep it above the line if you can. In other words, no descenders (mostly in lower case letters like g j p q y). For example: if I put “stinky” on this ring, you would see “stinku” because the descender on the y would be hidden in the ring shank. ALL CAPS is easiest. You can also send a PDF of vector art with the font outlined. Acetal comes in black or white.