EverythingTiny Affiliate Program

Use our affiliate links and earn 12% commission for every sale you secure.

The tl;dr:

I can pay Google’s or Facebook’s “smart” robots to follow people around the interwebs or I can pay you, my intelligent skeleton-loving fan, to help me share Tinysaurs.

The details:

New parasaurolophus skeleton? You can help make this happen while earning a few bucks. Ankylosaurus? It’s on the to do list. I’ve advertised with the Goliaths and the Davids to find skeleton fans. I’ve considered Patreon, and monthly subscription boxes to entertain and delight you. I’ve had several successful kickstarters (thank you!). Each has different degrees of success to help me make more skeleton kits, so I’m employing another way: affiliate give-backs.

I’m returning the love that my happy customers have given me over the years with 12% commission on sales. This is $3 for each Tinysaur All-in-one kit! This can help you monetize your blog or video channel, or it can just be cash in your pocket for mentioning us to someone who wants to build our tiny skeletons.

Here’s the truth about paying Google and Facebook to help me find you: advertising with them is not much different than gambling at a casino. I have to know the ad game inside and out (I read AdAge) to make the advertising effective, and the rules and strategies change all the time. There are also studies that indicate that there is about 48% click fraud on Google and 64% on Facebook, making my advertising cost at least double what it should. (dang fraudbots!)

A peer to peer sharing program gives back to the folks who have helped me design lots of Tinysaur kits. I’ve chosen to use an affiliate program to share my appreciation of your mentions and manage the payments to you. Thanks in advance for giving it a try. 

Is affiliate marketing a scam?

You’ve probably heard about affiliate programs called MLMs (a.k.a. pyramid schemes) where only the people at the top make money on goods you buy from them to sell. You own, store, and try to resell their merchandise to consumers, with the goal of reselling to other sellers and moving up the pyramid.

With our affiliate program, you are not paying for, storing, or shipping my items. I am the creator, producer, and shipper of my handmade items. You share my work, and get commission if your share results in a sale. There is no cost to you, and your house is not full of unsold items. If you’re a customer, you’re welcome to take pictures of what you purchased instead of using our pictures. Several of our fans have documented their builds on their blogs or other social sites. Otherwise, you can use our images and text, or just mention us with your affiliate link.

How it works:

You get a unique affiliate tag when you make an account. Share your unique URL in a post or use our pre-made banners on your blog or social media. It’s that easy. You can also use a URL shortening service like bit.ly, but be sure your tag is attached to the end of the URL before you create your shortened URL.

If your link results in sales, the affiliate program records the transaction and credits your account with the commission. You can take a deep dive like Adventures Of Tinysaur [instagram.com/adventuresoftinysaur] did with their Classic T-rex model. We don’t limit your creativity. You can also use our images on everythingtiny.com or plain text. Several folks on YouTube have also documented their builds. If you’ve already posted about our kits (thanks!), you can edit the post to include your affiliate tag.

Our affiliate program resides on Affiliately – Sign up here. Cookies last 30 days from first click, so if someone has a tab open for three weeks after seeing your post, and then decides to buy, you’ll still get credit for the conversion.

Let me know if you need help, and as always, thank you for your enthusiasm!