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Ring-A-Day: Cap Nut Ring

Went to the plumbing aisle again today and found this little beauty. It’s a rounded brass cap nut. I had it all polished up and ready to solder onto the shank and decided to try my brass solder one last time. I usually use silver solder for everything. Well, let’s just say that was a bad idea. The copper came to the surface of the over-heated brass and oxidized. Firescale, as it’s called is like armor. It’s hard and durable, but not attractive. I had to start all over with the 220 sand paper and work back up to Picasso blue all over again to get back that beautiful mirror shine. Then, when I went to take the pictures off the camera, my computer wouldn’t come on. I turned on my wife’s computer. It crashed the camera. Turned on our 10 year old Dell. The pix finally got uploaded, but the Dell takes a half hour to warm up. You remember those days? Turn on the computer and go make a pot of coffee, have a bagel, drink your coffee, then go back to your desk and see if your computer is ready.

Today’s ring, as simple as it is, had so many roadblocks and hiccups, but here it is.


4 thoughts on “Ring-A-Day: Cap Nut Ring

  1. It was all worth it ~ very cool!

  2. You gave it all and that shows!

  3. This is a very stunning ring, and I'm amazed it came from pipe fittings. Curious, though: What on earth is "Picasso blue", other than a period of paintings?

  4. Thanks for the compliments!

    Picasso Blue is in place of Red Rouge in the buffing order. It really puts a shine on hard metals.

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