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Ring-A-Day: Empire State Ring

About 15 years ago I was building a deck on a 10th floor apartment to pay for my new Milwaukee circular saw. I reached in to the box of framing nails and found this stubby guy — a perfect nail in every way except length. Well, today I was returning to the city from Steiner Studios in Williamsburg, Brooklyn where they shoot Boardwalk Empire, and noticed the Empire State Building on the horizon while crossing the Manhattan Bridge (which I had sculpted in quantity for an event tonight, but more on that tomorrow). Somehow, this 15 year old nail just reminded me of the Empire State Building with its billowing cottony clouds today. When ever I used to come home to the city, seeing the color coding on the top of the 34th Street icon would let me know I was almost there. I lived on 37th street for many years. We often found paper air planes on our roof made out of the observatory brochures. So, for all of you junior scientists who ever wondered how far yours flew: 3 blocks plus 108 stories, or pretty much spiraling down a steep hypotenuse.


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