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Ring-A-Day: DeadMau5 Titanium Ring

After several failed attempts to build an anodizer, I went low tech and came out a winner. This titanium ring was created with several 9v batteries and Coke. Colas have phosphoric acid in them which is the ideal electrolyte for anodizing. Miracle-Gro also works well. It has Ammonium Phosphate as the primary ingredient.

Check out my blog post in NYC Resistor for more details if you want to try anodizing too.


2 thoughts on “Ring-A-Day: DeadMau5 Titanium Ring

  1. That's reaaaally nice ! Well done ! But the DeadMau5 logo was already there and you made the background right ?

  2. The entire thing was created with Coke, 9v batteries, and raw grey titanium. There was no pre-existing image on the metal. I made the Mau5 logo with Illustrator, cut it in cellophane tape, and used the tape like a silkscreen mask to protect the metal from the phosphoric acid electrolyte. Each color represents a different voltage. The splotchy eyes and chin resulted from the small pieces of tape not sticking well to the titanium and the electrolyte (Coke) getting under it. The whole ring is a half inch tall so the Mau5 logo is only about 3/8" high. Larger images or better tape would give cleaner results

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