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Ring-A-Day: Tic Tac Toe Ring

I know, there’s an app for that. Back before we had apps and super computers in our pockets, we used pencil and paper to play tic tac toe. Then, in the 1960s, Martin Heit invented the dry erase board. This whiteboard ring will keep the trees safe when your app batteries die.


2 thoughts on “Ring-A-Day: Tic Tac Toe Ring

  1. I just ran into this blog and wondered what would be the best resources if i wanted to learn how to make something like this one. (oh, and many of the other styles you make).

  2. Hi Bruce,

    Thanks for asking. I teach a laser class at NYC Resistor in Brooklyn, New York. If you're not in New York, check your local hackerspace or TechShop.


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