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Ring-A-Day: $20 Ring

As MoneyGami week closes, I’m left pondering value. Today’s ring is worth at least $20, right? But it’s the same 6 inch piece of paper, printed by the same government, as Monday’s ring. Only the ink is different (well, that and the security stripe). So, I’m wondering which ring would you wear? Please leave comments about the denomination you feel is most appropriate as a ring.


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Ring-A-Day: 10-spot

I was passing through Times Square today to get to the jewelry district for some silver findings. I’m a jaded New Yorker, so when I saw 4 teenage boys in only their I <3 NY boxer shorts I was curious what the heck these tourists were doing half naked on 45th street. Turns out they were getting their picture taken with the Naked Cowboy for $10.


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Ring-A-Day: Phony Ring

Austin, believe it or not, once printed their own money. This is a reproduction of a Bank of Austin $3 bill. It’s still legal for states to print their own, and many cash strapped communities have begun doing it again to keep trade local. Ithaca, New York is one community that has a currency other than greenbacks. They’re called Ithaca Hours. You can read more about it in the USA Today article.