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Ring-A-Day: 8bit Heart Ring

I should make an 8bit tooth ring to go with this heart. Why? Healthy teeth, healthy heart. Weird right? Clean your teeth and your heart will follow… or something like that.

While a direct link between periodontal disease and heart disease has yet to be firmly established, doctors believe there is an important connection between oral and cardiovascular health.

What that means is that doctors aren’t sure how it works, but the relationship appears to be there. It might just be that people who exercise take better care of everything, but then again, maybe it’s something else.


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Ring-A-Day: Berzerk Robot Ring

I put a lot of quarters into arcade machines at the beach. Berzerk was definitely a quarter gobbler for me. I loved and feared the speech synthesis. It was like Planet Rock had gone evil. What these old 8-bit graphics lacked in detail was made up for in our imaginations — like a good book. Hmm, War of the Worlds comes to mind. Those black and white letters can scare you right under the covers.


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Ring-A-Day: 2 8bit Skull Rings

Noah Scalin, from Skull-a-Day and Make Something 365, gave me an 8bit skull pattern after trading with him at the Art-O-Mat 15th Annual Swap Meet on Saturday. Something fun happened when I was assembling the stack of ring shanks to make the skull image. I went the wrong way and the image came out upside down and backwards. In other words, if you stack your rows of bits in the reverse order, you get a mirror image. Pretty cool.