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Ring-A-Day: Radiant Baby Ring

I discovered the simplicity of paying homage to Samo © graffiti in wire. Basquiat’s contemporary, Keith Haring, sometimes painted images of a radiant crawling infant on blackened subway ads. (a.k.a Atomic Baby).

I don’t usually show you the failures, but today’s evolution was inspiring and clear. The “Radiant Manatee” in the middle grey steel wire was just too thick to render an icon at finger scale. Next was a 1 mm brass rod (left) and then a 1/2 mm brass wire (right). Let me know which is your favorite.


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Ring-A-Day: Marathon Ring

I was kinda uninspired today now that the big storm (Sandy) is gone and we’re dealing with no power downtown for another week, limited subway service, and no trains to Brooklyn — only 34th street. I could ride my bike, but I don’t want to ride after dark with no power to the street lights and traffic signals.

Friends from the LES came by yesterday to recharge, read the latest news, call loved ones, and get a warm shower. It took them 3 hours on the bus to come about 5 miles. I’m sure they would have walked if they knew in advance. We had a lovely dinner and a pumpkin waffle breakfast. Yum!

Then today one of my neighbors suggested on FB that we cancel the New York Marathon on Sunday. I’m a runner, but not a good one. I don’t have a dog in the race, so to speak, but suggesting that when our city is on the mend that we should forego the annual race after runners worldwide have trained for months to compete just sparked something in my pride for this great city I live in. We’re going to have that damn race come hell or … um, oh yeah. Knock on wood, not that again.

Today’s ring is for the Kenyans, Ethiopians, Europeans, and everyone else who booked flights to come run in our park. I hear your planes. It’s a nice sound. Our airports are buzzing again. It was kinda eerily quiet that there weren’t any flights the last couple of days. We’re getting back to normal, and damn, it the race will go on!