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Ring-A-Day: Sterling Urinal

Early in the Ring-A-Day project, I tried to come up with the most unique setting for a gem, knowing NOTHING about stone setting. After being inspired (or appalled) by some of the crazy items on Regretsy, I decided that a urinal with a yellow gem would definitely be unique. The fire citrine in the base of the urinal was the first gem I purchased after lots of measurements and consulting with John at I’d been looking at Shapeways, to print thing #6261 from Thingiverse, but I needed a person to walk me through it. John was great about this. He understood my requirements and printed two pieces of slightly different sizes. I made a mold of John’s 3D printed urinal and then did some extensive modifications, but largely kept the size and shape. I’m really entertained by how it turned out. It’s a size 8 pinky ring.
I kinda understand how comedians work after making this ring. At first, it’s funny enough to inspire you. Then, you learn everything about it. When you’re ready to present it, you can’t see what’s funny any longer. Your audience reminds you what’s funny about it again.
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Ring-A-Day: Split Shank With 3 Gems

I am reading about gems and how they were incorporated into rings in Rome. Accordingly, I’m learning to set and design with stones. It’s a lot harder than it looks. When you see them in a jewelry case, they’re neat and orderly. Your eye can pick up a hairs’ width difference if everything is not perfect.

The prongs on the left are forward by a tenth of a millimeter, and yet you can clearly see it in this macro image. Practice, practice, practice.